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Monochrome Figures

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Fig. 1
Bodhisattva Avalokitegvara
China (Dunhuang)
9th century, 50 x 14 cm.
The National Museum, New Delhi
Fig.2 Mahasiddha Sengepa
Central Dr Eastern Tibet
ca.1650, 20 x 20.3 cm.
Los Angeles County Museum of Art
Gift of Dr. and Mrs. Pal in memory of A. Quincy Jones
Fig. 3
Binapa and an unknown Mahasiddha
Reverse of Fig.2
Jivarama, Newari (active ca.1435)
Mahakala, Lhamo and Mahasiddhas
Pages from a Folding Sketchbook Central Tibet (Gyantse?)
dated 1435 Ink on paper
ave. page: 13 X 23.2 cm.
S. K. Neotia Collection Calcutta
Fig. 5
From the same sketchbook as Fig.4
Srimantadeva, Newari (active ca.1650)
An Arhat in Landscape and Two Deities
Central Tibet (Lhasa)
dated 1653 Ink on paper; ave. page: 8.3x19.7 cm.
Los Angeles County Museum of Art.
Indian Art Special Purposes Fund.
Fig. 7
Sketches of hills, clouds and dragons
From the same sketchbook as Fig.6
Fig. 8
Goddess Tara
China (Kharakhoto), Before 1227
Embroidered Silk, 98 x 45 cm.
The Hermitage Museum, Leningrad
Fig. 9
Dancing Vajravarahi
China (Kharakhoto), Before 1227
Watercolours on hemp cloth; 111 x67 cm.
The Hermitage Museum, Leningrad
Fig. 10
The Life of Sakyagri (1127-1225)
Central Tibet (Sakyapa monastery)
ca.1300 85.8 x 66.4 cm. R. H. Ellsworth, Ltd.
Fig. 11
Amitabha and his Western Paradise
Western Tibet (Guge)
1450-1500 112.4x 86.3 cm.
Los Angeles County Museum of Art.
From the Nash and Alice Heeramaneck Collection. Museum Associates Purchase
Fig. 12
Scenes from the Early Life of the Buddha
Eastern Tibet, dated 1686 81.3 x53.3 cm.
Victoria and Albert Museum, London