Reference List

Reference List of Titles of Buddhist and Hindu Scriptures Cited in the Text

All books are written in Sanskrit unless otherwise indicated.

Ashtāsāhāsrikā, Prajnāpāramitā
Perfection of Wisdom in Eight Thousand Sections. See Prajnaparamita.
A class of stories similar to jatakas but composed in Sanskrit; includes moral precepts regarding the results of actions of mundane existence.
Avatamsaka Sutra
The Flower Ornament Scriptures. A compilation of Mahayana treatises including the Gandvyuha.
A philosophical treatise on the duties appropriate for monks.
A commentary on the Bodhicharyavatara.
Buddhabhashita Buddhanama Sutra
Sutra of Buddha’s Names Recited by the Buddha. Written by the monk-scholar Bodhruchi.
Glorification of the Goddess. A Hindu text exalting the Great Goddess as the Supreme Being.
Legends of the Goddess. A sectarian Hindu religious text exalting the Great Goddess as the Supreme Being.
Collection of Charms. A dharani (support) is a charm containing mystical formulae that are chanted by practitioners of Mahayana and Vajrayana Budhhism.
Part of the Avatamsaka Sutra, the Gandavyuha is one of the nine principal Mahayana Buddhist scriptures. It recounts the story of a young man’s search for enlightenment.
Tantra of Hevajra. A tantric Buddhist text devoted to Hevajra as the presiding deity.
Didactic stories of the previous lives of Buddha Sakyamuni. which have remained extremely popular with Buddhists of all sects. The stories were originally written in the Pali language.
Tantra of the Wheel of Time. An important philosophical text of tantric or Vajrayana Buddhism.
A Pali ritual text extracted from the Vinayapitaka and popular with Burmese Buddhists; it is frequently used at meetings of the Order for the Correct Performance of Monastic Ceremonies.
Text glorifying Bodhisattva Avalokitesvara.
Tantra of the Dark Enemy of Death. A ritual text of Vajrayana Buddhism in which the god Krishnayamari is the presiding deity.
One of the biographies of Buddha Sakyamuni.
Five Protections. A collection of five protective charms and incantations associated with five goddesses.
Paramartha Namasangiti
Verses eulogizing the names of Bodhisattva Marijusri.
Phra Chao Sip Chat
A Thai collection of ten of the Buddha’s previous birth stories known as jatakas. See Wray, Rosenfield, and Bailey 1972.
Phra Malai
A book popular in Thailand, it recounts the experiences of Phra Malai, a monk who through his supernatural powers visited both heaven and hell.
Perfection of Wisdom. One of the most important philosophical texts of Mahayana Buddhism.
Lotus of the True Law. A Mahayana text, known commonly as the Lotus Sutra.
Light on the True Meaning. A Pali commentary, by the monk Sariputta who lived during the twelfth century in Sri Lanka, on the Samantapasadika by the monk-scholar Buddhaghosha (active fifth century).
Suvarnaprabhasot- tamaraja Sutra
Radiant Victorious Kings Sutra. Didactic tales explaining the merits of mystic formulae and expounding Mahayana Philosophy.
Three Worlds. A Thai Buddhist text authored by King Lu Thai (r. 1347-74?); a work on Buddhist cosmology describing the three worlds.
Three Baskets. A collection of the three kinds of Buddhist sacred writings, consisting of the Buddha’s sermons, monastic rules, and philosphical treatises.
Vajrachchhedika Prajnaparamita
The Diamond Cutter Perfection of Wisdom. A Mahayana text, known commonly as the Diamond Sutra.
The Sutra Spoken by Vimalakirti. A text expounding Mahayana philosophy through a discourse between Vimalakirti, a layman, and Bodhisattva Marijusri.
That portion of the Tripitaka that deals with the rules nd regulations governing the lives of monks.